Chronicle from Reykjavik, Iceland

Hi!My name is Sigrún Ingveldur and I am a 23 year old truck- and bus driver from Iceland. I live in Reykjavik. I will be writing chronicles here about the driving industry in Iceland, from a woman´s perspective.

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I started driving in 2006 and have been on the road as much as I can since! I started on a 4 axle rigid dumper and then I got a job driving a long haulage rigid and tractors all over the country. During that time I fell in love, with the road, with Scania and my beautiful country.

After working there I wanted to get back to school so I said goodbye to the highway and became a student. I am still in school since I find it important for me to get an education but my heart belongs to the road. I worked for various companies along school and every spring I can´t wait to get back on the road. Last summer there weren´t as many jobs available driving trucks because of the economic crisis as it has had a big impact on our industry. So I didn´t get the job I wanted but instead I got a job with a bus company I have worked for earlier as a temp. I fell in love all over again since it is quite different to drive a bus full of people than a long haulage rigid.

So now I am looking forward to driving a bus this summer all over the country. Just hope spring comes soon.

See you,

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Publicerad: 2010-03-09 00:00